November 2011

Kale, Spinach, Bok Choy, and Turkey Omelet

Had an abundance of turkey from Thanksgiving and plenty of veggies in my winter garden so figured a nice healthy omelet for dinner might help out the recovery from the nutrient lacking foods I ate the day before. I started by collecting about cup of red curly leafed kale and a leaf of Bok Choy
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Junk food versus balanced meal

If it was only so easy to convert “junk food” to a nice balanced meal.  Though if you started with a double patty and threw away the bun/roll and swapped out some water or diet soda would be a step closer.

Bok Choy with bacon recipe

Here in the Northwest we have pretty mild winters so I am growing some Bok Choy which was ready for harvest today.  Knowing everything goes better with bacon added some with a little bit of seasoning which turned out great.  Turned out to be only 147 calories and 4 net carbs, but also provides 149%
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Why am I not losing weight?

There will always be a time when your weight loss stalls, this is a time to not get frustrated and simply give up and buy a box of donuts.  With a little self reflection you should be able to get over this plateau and continue with your successful weight loss. Underestimating calories in.  “Is that
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Why should you add a cheat day?

There are many reasons to consider a cheat day in your diet plan.  If your live in a deficit of calories for too long eventually you will succumb to temptation no matter how strong willed you are.  The idea of a cheat day is to allow yourself to give in to these temptations on a
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Paleo chili recipe

I know chili gets its name from the chili peppers/powder it contains, but when the weather gets chili, this seems like the best dish to make. I went for a hearty beanless chili which includes a good selection of good ole ground beef and for a slightly different texture some sirloin steak. After a long
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