August 2011

Low carb BBQ sauce recipe

Giving up sweets, flour, potatoes, and rice hasn’t been too difficult once I got over my addiction for carbohydrates, but now I am eating a good portion of my meals with extra helpings from the meat group I really miss adding a good helping of BBQ sauce.  After checking my local grocery store for a
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Measure frequently to ensure you are on track towards your weight loss goal

Once you have established your desired goal for weight loss, taking accurate measurements is essential for success.  These measurements can bring encouragement when you feel you are not making progress and when the scale or jean tightness appears to be going in the wrong direction you have something to look back on to identify where
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Sausage and spinach omelet

To be honest with you’re the thought of consuming cooked spinach had always repulsed me, but wanting to sneak a few more veggies into my breakfast I decided to add a little spinach to my morning omelet and was pleasantly surprised. Fat Guy’s Spinach and Sausage Omelet 1 tsp. bacon grease (can also go with
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