April 2012

How many pounds a week should I be losing?

When you had tones of weight to lose you probably saw great numbers on your scale, but now things have slowed down.  Now before you start feeling bad about yourself, this is completely normal.  As you get closer to your goal weight it should be come hard to get those big numbers each week. In
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Don't eat junk food unless you make it yourself

It is 10:00PM and you feel like a cookie, so you head over to your cupboard and open a bag of Chips-Ahoy cookies and have a couple (or the rest of the bag)  Now imagine if the only way to eat junk food was to make it yourself (you know like our great grandparents did) 
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Cooking rib-eye steak on a cast iron skillet

The rib steak (also known as rib-eye) is major working muscle which mean is provides great meaty flavor and an excellent balance of tenderness.  Though for a steak like this if you just throw it on your grill this can lead to less than desirable results.  Here is my technique to ensure you have delicious
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