Don’t eat junk food unless you make it yourself


It is 10:00PM and you feel like a cookie, so you head over to your cupboard and open a bag of Chips-Ahoy cookies and have a couple (or the rest of the bag)  Now imagine if the only way to eat junk food was to make it yourself (you know like our great grandparents did)  Now I am not talking scooping some cookie dough out of a tube and throwing it in the oven.  We are talking eggs, sugar, butter, flour, vanilla from scratch.  How often would you just go to bed without that cookie?

This is a rule I have made for myself that does not limit these foods just how you can get them.  Just think about French fries.  Washing, peeling, and slicing potatoes, dumping a quart of oil into a pan then figuring out what to actually do with the stuff when you are done.  Seems easier to fry up a hamburger patty and skip the fries.

So next time you are craving that doughnut…think is it really worth the effort for the end result?

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