How to make perfect easy to peel hard boiled eggs


Hard boiled eggs can provide a very nutritious and very portable meal/snack when you are in a crunch for time.  I have had a couple problems in the past getting these right.  Cooked them too little and they can be runny in the middle, too much dry rubbery whites, green outer yolks, and they stink.  Second if they take forever to peel they start to lose their quick on the go snack rating.  Fortunately after some trial and error I have come up with a technique that takes care of both of these problems.



Step 1: Puncture the eggs.  This provides the ability to bring the special water mixture you are boiling with to enter the egg filling the space between the whites and the shell making peeling these eggs a breeze.  Simply grab a thumbtack, needle, or in my case these corn holder I almost never use and poke a hole just through the shell.


Step 2: Bring eggs to hard boil.  For every quart of of cold water add 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda (helps prevent eggs from escaping the shell) and add to saucepan with eggs.  Turn on to high heat and let cook for one minute on rolling boil.


Step 3: Cover for 10 minutes.  This is important no more, no less.


Step 4: Cool eggs down quickly.  Many people opt for an already prepared ice bath here.  This never made sense to me…first you have to drain the boiling hot water then drop your eggs into some ice water giving you another bowl to clean.  here is what I do…simple drop the pan into your sink and turn on the cold water in about 20-30 seconds the water in the pan is now cold water and the very heat conductive aluminum pan is now also cold, simply drop in a few cups of ice and instant ice bath and only one pan to clean.

Now you should have some perfectly cooked eggs with shells that almost will fall right off.

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