Quick science on why carbs make you fat

I came across this infographic on how carbohydrates can make you fat.  Previously I have mentioned that the documentary Fat Head was a great way to learn the science if you didn’t have the time to read either of Gary Taubes books Why We Get Fat or Good Calories, Bad Calories.  This infographic doesn’t provide all the science but does a great job at summing it up very nicely.

Though in my personal opinion, insulin levels is just one chemical/hormonal system at work.  The added benefits of not eating carbohydrates that it allows you to use your calories to eat much more nutrient dense foods such as meats, vegetables, fruits versus chemically enriched foods such as those typical “healthy grains”


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    Excellent tutorial and suggestions. Looking forward to lose a few unwanted weight. I’ll give some feed-back immediately after i try out this. Thanks!

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