Why I eat sweet potatoes and not rice


When people see the food on my plate they assume I must be on one of those low carb diets.  Personally I do not have anything against carbohydrates it is just unfortunately foods high in carbohydrates are not normally high nutritional value on the micronutrient level.  One of the exceptions to this is sweet potatoes.  I will admit I had to get off my addiction to sugar which had dulled my senses to appreciate the sweetness they provide but a little oil and a sprinkle of cinnamon and roast at 400F until they just start to darken and they are delicious.

Just for a comparison here is the nutritional data info for a couple of high carb foods and you can see the obvious difference in nutritional value for about the same number of calories.  As you can see the macronutrient profile (Fat/Calories/Protein) for all of these foods are about the same but as you look the micronutrients you can see this tells a completely different story.  So be sure to look beyond that simple label on your packaging and look at what your foods can be providing you (or not providing you)

SWEET POTATOES (Nutritional Info)

image image

RICE (Nutritional Info)


BREAD (Nutritional Info)


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