The magic of paleo diet: How to get started

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Paleo diet or Paleolithic diet is more focused on eating natural foods which helps in promoting good health and physique. Our Paleolithic ancestors consumed food which included nuts, wild fruits, game meat, fish and vegetables which were all high in protein and animal fats. With further human evolution, agricultural produce high in carbohydrates were introduced with more emphasis towards excessive sugar, grain products, legumes and vegetable oils. Paleo diet in modern times is an effort to go back to the healthy eating habits of our ancestors, as we were biologically designed to sustain ourselves that way.

Too much grain can be damaging

Grains have high contents of carbohydrates which is turned into glucose and used up for energy. Now, some of the unused glucose is stored away and becomes fat and over a time period these fats accumulate. Grains also contain glutens which are rather harmful for the body as they can cause a variety of medical problems. Lectins, on the other hand are natural toxins within the grains, as a defense against being consumed.

These lectins interfere with the intestinal tract which may result in the intestines being unable to repair its various wears and tears.

To make up for energy

Paleo diet concentrates on natural produce which are not processed and therefore, you may wonder from where your energy will come from if you cut out processed food. You can still make up for your energy by consuming meat fed on grass rather than grains, fish, fowl, Omega-3 enriched eggs, natural oils like olive oil and coconut oil. You can eat plenty of fresh vegetables or steamed but not deep fried, fruits for their natural sugar, tubers, nuts and seeds for their natural calories. These foods are not only nutritious but very filling and can help you to get through the day and will not add to your weight.

You can still be healthy

Just because you cut down on your grain produce or any processed food does not mean you will become weak and listless. You can still eat your favorite pastas and bagels but limit them as against your previous intake. Then you can gradually eliminate this grain based food and eat really good protein based food instead which can compensate for your fats. As long as you are eating healthy dose of protein along with vegetables and fruits, there is no reason that you will not be strong and healthy.

Eat only when you are hungry

Our ancestors did not have the luxury of popping into a fast food joint for a snack. They ate when they were really hungry and ensured that their diet contained meat, nuts, fruits and vegetables. Likewise, if we are to follow the paleo diet, we need to stop running in and out of pizza joints and the vending machines, whenever we are tempted for a bite.

Simplify your lifestyle

In addition to paleo diet, you need to focus on your daily activities which all must be health based. You can do your exercises which involve the entire body movements, cleaner living with less carbon footprints, cultivate your own garden and gather in your food.

These are a few basic information of paleo diet which worked for our ancestors very well. They may not have had long life spans as in those days things were not medically advanced as modern times. This does not mean that their way of living was not healthy.

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