weight loss tips

Eat enough to last to your next meal

This concept is simple but can take a little bit of planning to get it right.  During normal daily activity (assuming this is non strenuous, walking, driving, desk job, etc.) you burn a set number of calories per hour based on your basal metabolism. If you eat less calories than this you will not have
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Lose weight at night while you sleep

If you are hungry all day eventually your body will make you eat.  What could be better than keeping your body nourished during the day and set yourself up to go into a calorie deficit at night allowing you to literally lose weight in your sleep. First thing you need to do is determine how
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Learn how to cook to lose weight

I know there are many people out there who can’t boil water or make toast but for weight loss knowing how to cook can make losing the weight and keeping it off much more enjoyable. Know what you eat.  You can be surprised in what actually is in some of your takeout or at your
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