Santa gets quite a carb load tonight


Given the physical activity required for Santa’s journey around of the world I am sure he burns most of the calories off during his yearly trip but assuming there are about 91.8 million stops taking in account that some people in the world do not believe for philosophical or religious reasons as well as a percentage of “naughty” houses that does not require a stop.

Assuming that at each stop he gets 6 ounces of low fat milk and a couple of cookies (went with Chips Ahoy given we are busy this time a year) per stop he would have consumed 21,114,000,000 calories.  This is enough calories for an average man to run over 6 million marathons.

Looking at the macronutrient level he would consume 2,845,800,000 grams (2,845.80 metric tons) of carbohydrates with 71% of those coming directly from sugar.

The good news is he does get 734,400,000 grams (734.40 metric tons) of heart healthy fat and 826,200,000 grams (826.20 metric tons) of protein to restore any muscle lost while going up and down chimneys.

I think I might make some Almond Flour cookies for Santa this year…better yet maybe some Brussel sprouts with bacon.

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