Portion out weekly snacks to avoid overconsumption


Normally diets do pretty good on your typical meals, after you find a few favorites you know their the calories/carbs are within your range but snacks can be an area where a few too many handfuls in a day can sabotage your weight loss.

One option is to portion out your snacks on a daily basis something around the 1 ounce range.  This can be a real pain and still leads to the “did I have today’s allotment or did I eat those yesterday.”

My solution to this problem is to portion out snacks on a weekly basis.  Each Sunday I fill a simple mason jar with one snack of choice nuts, which provides approximately 1 cup or 0.142 cups per day.  This is what I mark as my consumption per day if I am over one day no worries as long as over the week I am at my one cup all is well.

This provides a low hassle way to portion those snacks without going crazy with little containers or scales while still keeping your consumption in check.

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