Paleo Sushi: A delicious and healthy paleo food


With recent popularity of the paleo diet, it is not surprising that sushi is also undergoing a change in some of its ingredients. Sushi basically is made of sticky, white rice which holds up the other ingredients like fish, vegetables and sea vegetables. It makes for a great paleo friendly food, except for the rice which is not as acceptable in a paleo diet. Some restaurants have cashed in on the popularity of the paleo diet with a new twist to their sushi rolls for their discerning clients. Sushi rolls are great for big meal or even as light snacks on their own. They are healthy even without undergoing a change but then, for a more paleo friendly diet the sushi can make for a tasty bite with new substitutes.

Substitute for rice

The paleo diet consists of red meat, vegetables, fish, poultry, game, fruits and nuts. While it may not be possible to squeeze all these into a sushi roll, there is another ingenious way of cutting out the rice from sushi. Rice is basically starchy and the natural glue in the sticky rice is what holds the sushi roll together. However, the same effect can be created through other substitutes such as the egg. The egg is given a good whisk and fried in a thin circle which is then used as the first layer of the sushi roll. This works just as well as the sticky rice and there is no difficulty in rolling the sushi tightly.

Another healthy substitute for the rice is the cauliflower rice, which has a similar texture and taste to the sticky rice. It also effectively holds the sushi rolls in place. You simply have to boil the cauliflower and mash them up with some paleo friendly oil, such as olive oil or coconut oil. This becomes the cauliflower rice which can then be thinly placed on a sheet of seaweed as you gradually add your other ingredients.

Substitute for fish

In the traditional sushi roll, you get the fish along with the rice and seaweeds, whereas for the paleo sushi roll, you get the beef rather than fish. Fish is good option on paleo diet but beef is used as substitute for the new sushi roll mainly for its high protein base. You will need to thinly cut the flank steak to be used as substitute for your fish. Another substitute used in place of fish of beef is the blue crab meat.

When making the sushi roll, you need to have a sushi mat where you can place the traditional seaweed and then spread out the thinly fried egg or cauliflower rice. Upon this layer you can add some chili sauce or other sauces of your choice and then layer it with the fish substitutes, such as the flank steak or blur crab meat. Then you gently start rolling in from one end of the spread until you have the perfect sushi roll.

While making the paleo sushi, it is important to remember the ingredients which fall within the paleo requirements. Sushi rolls are easy to prepare and does not require much skill and even if they do not turn out perfect, you can still eat them without anything going to waste.

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