Low carb fruits: List and ranking of high/low carbohydrate fruits


Fruit can provide valuable vitamins and antioxidants but if you are eating low carb they also can bring a few carbohydrates with them as well.  No the sugar that comes from these fruits is definitely better than those coming from a candy bar but it is still advisable to make good choices to make sure you are getting the most nutrition from the carbs/calories you are taking in. To generalize the table below, stick with the berries to keep your carbohydrate intake low when bringing in fruits but also keep an eye on the serving size, 1/2 cup may be smaller than you think.  One other surprise for me was the carbohydrates in apples, I remember hearing that you could have 3 apples/oranges for the price of a banana, though when it comes to carbs there is not really a huge difference there.

Fruit Carb g per serving Ranking
Apricot 4 bar
Passion Fruit (medium) 4 bar
Prune (1 dried & pitted)  5 bar
Strawberries (½ cup) 5 barbar
Cranberries fresh raw (½ cup) 6 barbar
Tomato (large) 6 barbar
Papaya (½ cup cubed)  7 barbar
Raspberry (½ cup) 7 barbar
Currants Red fresh (½ cup) 8 barbar
Gooseberries fresh (½ cup) 8 barbar
Blackberries (½ cup)  9 barbarbar
Blackcurrants (½ cup)  9 barbarbar
Grapes (10 medium seedless)  9 barbarbar
Plum 9 barbarbar
Satsuma  9 barbarbar
Tangerine 9 barbarbar
Blueberries fresh (½ cup)  10 barbarbar
Fig (medium) 10 barbarbar
Guava (½ cup) 10 barbarbar
Lime (with peel) 10 barbarbar
Peach 10 barbarbar
Pineapple fresh (½ cup cubed)  10 barbarbar
Kiwi (medium) 11 barbarbar
Avocado 12 barbarbarbar
Cherries (½ cup)  12 barbarbarbar
Grapefruit (1 medium half)  12 barbarbarbar
Lemon (with peel) 12 barbarbarbar
Melon Honeydew (1 tenth) 12 barbarbarbar
Nectarine (medium) 16 barbarbarbarbar
Orange  16 barbarbarbarbar
Apple (with the peel)  21 barbarbarbarbarbar
Melon Cantaloupe (1 half) 22 barbarbarbarbarbar
Pear (medium) 25 barbarbarbarbarbarbar
Banana 27 barbarbarbarbarbarbarbar
Raisins (dried ½ cup) 29 barbarbarbarbarbarbarbarbar
Mango fresh 35 barbarbarbarbarbarbarbarbarbar
Dates dried/sugar (½ cup)  62 barbarbarbarbarbarbarbarbarbarbarbarbarbarbarbarbarbar

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