Lose weight at night while you sleep


If you are hungry all day eventually your body will make you eat.  What could be better than keeping your body nourished during the day and set yourself up to go into a calorie deficit at night allowing you to literally lose weight in your sleep.

First thing you need to do is determine how many calories you burn during your waking hours.  A 200 pound, 5’ 11” burns approximately 100 calories per hour with normal sedentary activities (basically anything but watching TV)  So a man who sleeps for 8 hours a day will burn 1600 calories (16 hours * 100 calories per hour) while at night while sleeping will burn 400 calories (8 hours * 50 calories per hour)  Back of the envelope math says you could lose about 3.5 pounds per month by simply losing weight while you sleep.

If done right you shouldn’t go to bed starving where you can’t sleep, but the feeling you would have about an hour before lunch/dinner.  You should wake up starving and ready for breakfast, if you do not wake up hungry you may want to try reducing your calories by 100 calories.

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