Lose fat and gain muscle with Lean Ape Living

Three years ago, I started my journey losing my 70 pounds of weight and have kept it off for over 2 years now.  Of course when people asked how I did this I really couldn’t point to one particular diet that made this happen.  It was a bit lower carb, though not exactly Atkins.  I ate whole foods but not entirely Paleolithic (or Cave Man diet as the media likes to call it)  After reading Lean Ape Living I finally found something that explained specifically what I was doing to easy lose my weight as well as some helpful tricks/hacks to help get rid of those last stubborn 10-20 pounds that remain after a significant weight loss..

As to specifically what the Lean Ape book describes for an optimal eating strategy I will use the word directly from their site":

What this is not is some fad diet. This is a way of eating that is going to transform how you look, and also how you feel. We don’t encourage anything that you cannot stick to over the long term. And it doesn’t seem like you are missing out on anything at all.

  • Learn the power of carb cycling to burn fat fast and still gain muscle
  • Why you NEED to cheat and overeat every week
  • A controversial approach that has revolutionized fat loss
  • Learn about the foods that make you fat, and you don’t even know it
  • We show you how to keep your metabolism high and never enter starvation mode
  • and tell you the real reasons why you may not be losing weight, even if you have previously been on a calorie restricted diet

So as you might be able to read between the lines that the lifestyle this book promotes is definitely lower carb than our typical SAD (Standard American Diet) though at the same time definitely not dipping into ketogenic low carb.  It should be normal to actually see some starchy carbohydrates on your plate just in a more of a supporting role (1/4 of plate at most) than the main event.  Other items on your plate should then consist of real foods (vegetable, protein)

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