Eat out less to lose weight

Sometimes you can not cook all your meals from home and have to eat out.  The problem is you can not be entirely sure what went into the preparation of the food you just ate.  So that 10 ounce steak with a side of grilled veggies not too bad a choice but is in their “secret rub” sugar, maybe a little corn starch?  One that normally gets me is the added oil for cooking the meat, while I can cook with maybe one tablespoon of oil, some restaurants can add 1/4 cup of oil to your delicious steak adding some extra mystery calories.  The way I look at it, if I eat out a meal most likely I will not lose weight that day, which is fine every so often…but every day and I will be hitting this mystery plateau for many weeks.

You can make these trips a little less traumatic by being conscious of what you are eating.  By planning ahead you can check out nutritional information online to determine what your best option is.  One other option is to split a meal, I would suggest this over taking food home since this way you only splurge by eating out once and not extend it to a less tasty meal the next day at lunch using your leftovers.

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