Low carb chocolate pie with chocolate crust

Not the lowest carb dessert out there but much better than the alterative.  it has an ultra light chocolate crust made from protein powder and almond flour and some good fats.  Topped with a filling of sugar free chocolate pudding with some whipping cream added for some more body.  This version of this chocolate dessert
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Making personally sized low-carb pumpkin cheesecake (or pumpkin pie)

Occasionally we will have guests over with special dietary requirements or we simply do not want to surprise our visitors with something less expected.  This usually means creating a pie with a classic graham cracker or flour crust, never fear you can easily make a few servings of your own low carb version at the
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Low carb pumpkin pie recipe

With Halloween coming up and the other holidays coming up soon I decided to make up a low carb version of my favorite pumpkin pie recipe.  At 171 calories per slice and only 2 net carbs, compared to the classic version at 290 calories and 39 net carbs.  You can enjoy this version during the
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