Eating low carb and high protein at McDonalds

Ok, I know we are not working with the most quality ingredients here but you can make it to you local fast food restaurant without throwing your diet out the window. My typical choice is a double quarter pounder with cheese (minus bun), side salad (1/3 of dressing), and diet coke to drink. As an
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Low Carb Korean Style Beef and Broccoli (Bulgogi)

Though I have enjoyed my poor man’s beef and broccoli I had some memories of my roommates Bulgogi that he would come back with after visiting his parents and decided to alter this recipe with a little Korean flair and keep the carb count low.  This is what I came up with and will be definitely
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Eat enough to last to your next meal

This concept is simple but can take a little bit of planning to get it right.  During normal daily activity (assuming this is non strenuous, walking, driving, desk job, etc.) you burn a set number of calories per hour based on your basal metabolism. If you eat less calories than this you will not have
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