Low carb bacon meatza pizza

I was feeling like some pizza but wanted to avoid the crust so decided what would be better than a meat pizza. Basically the same idea as a traditional pizza though use a nice layer of bacon instead of pizza crust. Now this is healthier than a traditional pizza with just 5 net carbs for
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Paleo green bean recipe

I will be honest with your green beans are not my favorite vegetable but decided to go with the idea “bacon makes everything better” and created this recipe which turned out great and might make green beans back in my regular routine. Paleo green bean recipe Print Recipe type: Side Prep time: 10 mins Cooking
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Spinach stuffed chicken wrapped in bacon

I like chicken breasts but alone they do not provide enough fat content to keep me satisfied so I came up with this recipe.  This is a chicken breast stuffed with seasoned spinach, pepper jack cheese, and bacon and carefully wrapped with more bacon.  This is easy recipe you can make ahead of time and
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Paleo Brussel sprouts with bacon recipe

I have always avoided brussel sprouts, I have had them normally prepared boiled until mushy.  Wanted to add some new variety to my meals I decided to give brussel sprouts one more chance and decided that bacon makes everything better and this could even be true for those evil brussel sprouts.  They turned out great
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Bok Choy with bacon recipe

Here in the Northwest we have pretty mild winters so I am growing some Bok Choy which was ready for harvest today.  Knowing everything goes better with bacon added some with a little bit of seasoning which turned out great.  Turned out to be only 147 calories and 4 net carbs, but also provides 149%
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Low fat bacon…really?

If I want to avoid fat, I probably wouldn’t be buying bacon to begin with.  Given I eat bacon for the fatty deliciousness…leave the fat in thank you.  I have a hard enough time getting enough during my day anyway.